The Soul's Journey

An Exploration of the Human Psyche

The psyche is composed of a number of archetypes. This experiential seminar explores the various facets of the archetypes as they appear in myth and legend, and as they played out in the world and within ourselves.

The Soul's Journey seminar series includes the following archetypes: 

  • Hero - The Hero calls for us to challenge ourselves. Why are we here? What is our purpose? Without an active Here archetype, our life can be devoid of meaning.

  • Nurturer - The nurturer allows us to care for others as well as ourselves. When the Nurturer is active we a sensor of place and belonging.

  • Artisan - The Artisan is our craft. What we seek to master and do best. Through the Artisna we take on a role. We contribute in our own special way.

  • Trickster - The Trickster serves to both guide and misguide. Without the Trickster, we are easily duped, not only by others but also by ourselves.

  • Lover - The Lover brings relationship and joy into our life. The archetype bestows charm and an engaging disposition.

  • Realist - The Realis ensure that we remain grounded. With the realist onside, we live life. We are functional in the world.

  • Driver - The Driver keeps us moving and motivated. He is the warrior, an often neglected archetype in modern times. 

  • Strategist - The Strategist reflects our capacity to think and plan ahead. She is wisdom. Her vision offers a clear understanding.

  • Host - The host describes or capacity to engage and relate to others. With her, we remain isolated.

  • Harmoniser - The harmoniser brings order. Centred in herself, she creates peace in her surroundings.

  • Provider - The provider describes our capacity to support ourselves and support others. Without her, and to varying degrees, we are destitute.

  • Aspirant - The Aspirant sets his sights on a greater goal. He may be the dreamer or the seeker as well as the guide and Wiseman.

  • Guardian - The Guardian ensures we remain safe. His is a steady hand. With the Guardian, we are able to weather life's storms.

  • Counsellor - The Counsellor ensures we reflect upon ourselves. Here we may explore our wounds and weakness, which serve as a gateway to greater consciousness.

  • Reformer - The Reformer asks that we continue to participate in the ongoing evolutionary process. The Reformer asks that we pave a new way. Without the Reformer we are quickly left behind.

  • Visionary - The Visionary opens our eyes to a greater whole. Through our dreams and imagination, we may open to a spiritual realm.

  • Catalyst - The Catalyst seeks transformation. Without change, our life can stagnate. The Catalyst encourages us to have faith. Let go of the old, and open to the new.

  • Seer - The Seer allows us to pick up on that which is beyond our view. Highly attuned she allows us to see in the dark.

  • Challenger - The Challenger calls out the shadow, both in others, in society and in ourselves. Through exploring our darkness, we come to a new light.

Each seminar is 2.5 hours. Participants to begin with an introductory seminar that covers the archetypes in general.


$30 per seminar (first class free).

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