Dream Analysis

Art & Science of Jungian Dream Interpretation

Most cultures have placed great importance upon the dream, the main exception being in our modern times, where a dream is often considered meaningless. With depth psychology, however, we are beginning to appreciate dreams anew.

A dream is a personalised message from the deeper Self – the dream maker. Typically, it is quickly dismissed as it is rarely understood. For dreams speak in riddles.

If the message of the dream is so important, why speak in riddles? Why does not the Self offer its message in simple terms?

There is a good reason for the ambiguity of dreams. Were a dream to be readily understood, it could hardly be teaching anything new. A dream is never what it first seems. Instead, a dream is pitched at a level just beyond our understanding, on the periphery of consciousness. While difficult, its message is within our grasp, if only we make the effort. Being slightly out of reach, a dream is designed to stretch us, to pull us forward to a new awareness.

We know when we have understood a dream correctly when there is an “Aha!” moment. There is an awakening. Sometimes our hair will stand on end. The message of a dream is experienced as a new light. It dawns upon us.

It only takes three, fully appreciated dreams, to discoverer the greater Self. With the first dream interpretation, one’s scepticism is checked. One realises a dream may be meaningful after all. Having deciphered the second dream, one’s curiosity is aroused. “How is this possible?”, we ask ourselves. The understanding of a third dream leaves us convinced. There appears to be that which knows us better than we know ourselves – the greater Self.

So begins a new journey. Dream Analysis establishes a dialogue between one’s ego-consciousness and the wiser Self. At the start, the experience is novel, magical even. Quickly it becomes hard work. With complete honesty, and as soon as we are ready to hear, a dream will tell us what we need to know. Over time, a series of dreams lays down the sometimes dark, sometimes delightful passage into the deepest recesses of our psyche. The inner world comes alive.


Class Description

The School of Self-Potential offers both Dream Classes and Dream Groups. Both classes and groups cover the art and science of dream analysis. Whereas a dream class is composed of a theoretical component followed by a study of actual dreams (see the class outline for topics),  a Dream Groups is focussed exclusively on actual dreams.

Dreams to be explored are provided by the participants. All dreams to be presented to the group need to be recent (within 6 weeks). Apart from major dreams, older dreams, which have since grown stale, tend not to be helpful. Dreams presented also need to have been written down, as writing down a dream serves to clarify its storyline. Presenting a dream is not mandatory. Generally, there is only time for two dreams in a class and four dreams in a group.

Through feeling one’s way into the dream’s imagery, and by witnessing the line of questioning that opens up a dream, participants experience how a dream reveals its message.

Classes & Groups

Register for the classes and groups is via the Meetup site for the School

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