Explore the depths of your Psyche

Based in Sydney, Australia, The School of Self Potential offers seminars in Archetypal Psychology, Jungian Dream Analysis, Voice Dialogue and Shamanic Psychotherapy.


The Soul's Journey

An Exploration of the Human Psyche

The psyche is composed of a number of archetypes including the Hero, Trickster, Lover, Warrior, Seeker and Ruler. This seminar series explores each archetype in depth.


Dream Classes & Groups

The Art & Science of Jungian Dream Analysis

Dreams speak in riddles, yet harbour secret wisdom. Pitched at a level slightly beyond our immediate comprehension, a dream challenges and stretches or consciousness.


Voice Dialogue

Course & Practice Groups

Learn the art of voice dialogue in a group setting.


Self-Oriented Psychology

Working with the Greater Self

Explore the psyche from the perspective of the deeper Self.

Seminars are facilitated by Craig Jarman, a Sydney-based Psychotherapist and trainee Jungian Analyst since 2018.